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ďIíve noticed a significant difference in my relationship with my husband since we made some spatial adjustments to our Master Bedroom and added a few specific elements that Rhonda suggested. Our space is much less cluttered and I honestly feel like Iím on vacation when I set foot in that room. I canít wait to start working on other areas of the house.Ē
                                                                                               -Tina (Central Florida)

"I wanted to thank you so much for you feng shui advice.It really has worked miracles. Ever since I took your advice it has been pretty much raining men! And better yet raining vegan men ( I am a vegan who has been looking for a vegan guy for a long time). I am sold!"
- Robin

"I talked to you on Saturday afternoon, and whined about not being able to find the car I wanted.  You told me to write down everything I wanted in my new car and to be specific.  Then take the written list, wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in a small tin box.  I was then to place it in my 'helpful people' spot in my house, which was the far right corner.  In my case it was my dining room.  I did just that.


On Sunday afternoon, we decided to go to one last Hyundai dealership, and test drove one that had the color of leather seats and interior that I wanted.  I really liked this one, but it was not the exterior color I had my heart set on getting.  The sales manager said that he would check on Monday to see if anyone of the dealers he could trade with had the exterior color and would be willing to trade for the one he had, but he was not very optimistic at all that he would be able to find one in the color I wanted.

Well, the sales manager called to say that on Monday morning, a truck arrived on his lot and unloaded not one but two 2012 Santa Feís in the exterior color I wanted.  This delivery was totally unexpected by him.  So Monday afternoon, we went to see these.  One was a 4 cylinder with exactly everything I wanted including a nav system and back-up camera.  The other one was a 6 cylinder but without these two options.  
I test drove each, and decided that I really wanted to stay with a 6 cylinder.  We had previously learned that we could have the nav system and back-up camera installed in this one.  Before we left the dealer, I had purchased my brand new 2012 Santa Fe with everything I wanted on it.

When we got back home, I retrieved the tin box containing my list and reviewed it with my husband. The only thing I had left off the specific list was that I had wanted a 6 cylinder.

I believe this is why I had the choice of the two vehicles so I could test drive each and make an informed decision. Thank you again for your wonderful guidance and advice."

- Paula, A True Believer!!

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