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How Feng Shui Brought Me Balance… A Personal Case Study

In 2003, I attended one of my annual Human Resource conferences and there was a Feng Shui practitioner there talking about the importance of reducing clutter in your office space. Her name was Kathy Mann. Kathy intrigued me, so I asked her to visit my home later that year while my family was on vacation. She made some simple suggestions on where to move things around in my home, which had always been relatively dark. I’d even had visitors in the past who said they got headaches when they came into the space!

It was an interesting transformation – after I started making subtle changes to the furniture arrangements, placement of décor and added a few powerful nature elements, the feel of the house changed completely. I even had some guests notice there was “something different” about the environment, but couldn’t quite identify what it was.

In spring of the following year, I started making more specific changes to the “Prosperity” area of my home. In March, I received a raise and promotion at my job, completely out of the normal review cycle!

As I witnessed Feng Shui making a difference in my own life, I started seeking out additional educational opportunities. I read a book by Karen Rauch Carter called “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life,” – and it did just that. When the author made a rare trip to Florida for a workshop, I made it my goal to get there and learn as much as I could from her expertise in the area. It was at this weeklong seminar that I became certified as a Feng Shui practitioner.

I continue on a quest to seek more and more knowledge about the inspiring art and science of Feng Shui, but find that I learn the most from helping others achieve their goals through the practice.

Today – because I’ve personally witnessed the power of positive influence Feng Shui can have – I have a true passion for helping others change their lives through the practice.

For Feng Shui to work in your life, you have to believe in it. I certainly do and I know you will as well, once you see it in action for yourself.


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