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As a Certified Angel Card reader, and  Certified  Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader, I use the cards to guide you towards what really matters in life.  With me, you’ll get in touch with what your soul needs you to know.



15 Minute Reading: $20.00

This reading can be an introduction into angel and soul cards if this is your first time, or for an answer to a single question.

30 Minute Reading: $30.00

With a 30 minute reading, I am able to offer a more in-depth exploration of what the cards are trying to share with you as you take your next steps.

 60 Minute Reading: $60.00

Angels are all around us! Let them guide you. With this reading your message from the cards will offer a new outlook to help make decisions that are right for you, in order to achieve a life that is more in tune with your deepest desires.

Please contact her to find out more about how she can assist you in leading the life of your dreams!


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