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Read my Personal Case Study and Story to find how more about why I'm passionate about Feng Shui!



Your immediate surroundings can provide comfort and support, or can be creating roadblocks to your success.


I am trained in using ancient methods as well as in the modern understanding of environment manmade energy. I can assist you with creating a home and workspace that is both healthy, uplifting and connected to your purpose!




Feng Shui


Through Feng Shui consultations I will show you how your life can be impacted by the design and alignment of your home and/or business.


Practicing Feng Shui can help increase your creativity, prosperity, peace, and empowerment.

Prices vary based upon location and size of area in question.


Work culture and workspace environments can have a significant effect on everything from employee productivity to customer engagement, and even prospect interest. Furniture placement, décor elements, and use of light and color communicate much more than you may realize. Many people think of feng shui as something to use at home for personal empowerment. Yet this can be very powerfully used in corporate offices, small businesses and even retail space.


Please contact me for your needs, residential or business.


Space Clearing

As a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment® my space clearings will bring calm energy and harmony to your environment. It will restore balance and make your home  or office a place you actually want to be.


Space clearings can be helpful when:
• You move into a new home or renovate an existing home.
• You’d like to enhance your health and well-being
• The energy in your home feels negative or heavy
• You’re considering a new job or relationship


Blessings and ceremonies are Rhonda's specialty and any time you want to reset the tone of your life, and create an energy of new growth or opportunity, to release the negativity of the past are times to schedule a Blessing Ceremony.

Contact me today to assist you with creating energy of clarity into your space!


Feng Shui in a Box™

If you have a single problem area, one intention you want to manifest in your life or you don’t want or need a full home consultation – Feng Shui in a Box™ is for you. This amazing one room, one stop do-it-yourself service is just a click away. Just send us the floor plan of the room you’d like to change – it can be a hand drawn sketch, measurements of the room and pictures. You will also be given a series of questions to define your goals and intentions. Two weeks later, we will send your personalized Feng Shui design in a box to create the environment needed to support your goals.  This service does not require an onsite consultation as it is done remotely.  So if you live somewhere we do not, don’t worry - Feng Shui in a Box™ is for you.

All recommendations incorporate the principles of Feng Shui and are designed personally for your lifestyle and your intentions.

Prices are determined by room size.

Contact me today to assist you with creating energy of balance into your space!


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